Our excellent and agile production process begins with 2D/3D technical designs in CAD and results in the manufacture and assembly of agricultural machinery (robotic welding, CNC machining center, lathes, etc.). All of our raw materials and machine components come from the most reliable suppliers and are of excellent quality.

The reliability of our state of the art engineering, in combination with the expanded lifespan of our machines and our excellent, after- sales customer service, makes us one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers not only in Greece, but also in other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Cyprus, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Ireland, Norway, the US, Russia, Hungary and the Netherlands. For us there is no greater satisfaction than to witness the gratification and surprise of our clients when we deliver their machine which, until yesterday, was only a draft. This is our biggest reward and our company’s purpose and reason for existing!

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We manufacture Agricultural Machinery since 1973!


Innovative ideas for the needs of the modern farmer

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Agricultural Machinery for the most adverse conditions!


Full coverage for all equipment in terms of accessories, spare parts. By your side before and after the sale.

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